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 Selection II: Cicero's was written in 45-44 B.C. This philosophical/ethical essayconsists of three

The essays do show throughout a sense of style and a delicate feeling foramicable argumentation. They get points across smoothly, conferring a feelingof comfortableness with the subject matter. It is no wonder that Cicero'sverbal style became the standard for writing in the Roman world, and continuedas an academic standard of urbane elegance until Latin ceased to be written inthe last century. But in the end the preference for Ciceronian style becamesuch an academic standard, that it stifled the development of other modes ofprose writing, and writing in Latin eventually suffered a seriousimpoverishment. Beside Cicero, Apuleius seems outlandish and tastelesslyextravagant, finally his style is hardly evaluated as anything but a deviationfrom a norm, the Ciceronian norm.

But the Orations and Essays do not fill the ten volume set. The other thirdcomprises a vast collections of letters, apparently put together by thefaithful secretary-servant Tiro, and preserved intact though the history of theRoman world. Volume after volume the chronicle of Cicero's involvement inpublic life rolls forth, his relationships with everybody of note in thepolitical and social world, the letters to and from his wife and dear daughter,his letters from important men whom we know otherwise by name only, hiscomments on his good son and his errant nephew, his delicate correspondencewith Tiro, the complaints about thieving slaves and his good-naturedforgiveness. ..... it is all there in an amazing helter-skelter of realcorrespondence on real occasions. Compare this with Pliny the Younger'sLetters, which are carefully groomed essays derived from one-time letters, veryinteresting but lacking the human immediacy of the Ciceronian archive.

The correspondence, ensconced in Tyrell and Purser's six volumes of infinitelycommented text, is so large that one finds it hard to know by which door toenter. A careful selection of the letters which reflect personal life andvalues, social history, and the little things which at last we are beginning tosee as constituting the warp and woof of history, can be made. From these wecan draw one of the rare informal sketches of a person who lived in theGreco-Roman world, in fact this source is probably as unique as it isauthentic. Some letters are so simple and direct that they can be used forfirst-year Latin students; others are worthy of the attention of humanists whoknow the nuances of the language well. In the Orations, we perceive the finelegal mind and the courtroom persuasiveness of the politician; in the essays wehave access to the comments and lucubrations of an educated Roman gentleman;but in the letters we can at last perceive the personality of Cicero, the markof a genuine Roman mind, and the feelings of a man who was in his personalcorrespondence at last open to his friends, and above all, open to himself.

Cicero's essays on old age and friendship: also his paradoxes (an essay on old age), Llius (an essay on friendship), paradoxes, Scipio's dream.

You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Title Male Friendship as Viewed by Aristotle, Cicero, Montaigne, and Emerson All four writers.

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Of all the numerous essays written upon subject of Friendship, the Llius of Cicero holds the foremost rank, not only because of the nobility of the theme itself.


Paras. 135. Cicero. . On Friendship. And the whole essay on friendship is his. In reading it you will recognise a picture of yourself. 5: 2. Fannius.

On Old Age is an essay written by Cicero in 44 BC on the subject of aging and death

Cicero Essay Example. Only on Discussion One of the biggest differences between Aristotle and Ciceros understanding of friendship is the fact that Aristotle.

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Cicero Essays: Over 180, 000 Cicero Home Essay Cicero 4 Cicero's De Amicitia brings a unique perspective to the topic of friendship and how it relates to.

On Dec 1, 1971 S Jarcho published: Cicero's essay on old age.

Those views on nature’s way and natural law are expressed and explicated in the texts of Cicero appearing in the . The passages excerpted there represent the most direct and noted statements of Cicero on the character and basis of natural law. They are drawn from his (54–51 B.C.), (51 B.C. ff.), and (44 B.C.). In the brief commentary that follows here, an effort is made to bring out a coherent statement of Cicero’s teaching by offering assistance in contextualizing and interpreting these texts. Proceeding chronologically, this essay moves from Cicero’s most assertive and seemingly cryptic statement about natural law, through his speculations on how that foundational law fits in a larger cosmological and divine order, to his observations on both how nature’s standard is grounded in the very inclinations and capacities of humans and the prudential challenges of applying that standard to concrete moral dilemmas and decisions.