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This paper will examine the management planning of the Boeing Company. To better understand Boeing’s management planning, this paper is broken down into sections: First this paper will evaluate the planning function of Boeing’s management. Second, we will try to provide an analysis of the impacts that the legal, ethical and corporate social responsibility of the Boeing’s management planning by providing relevant examples of each. Finally, this paper will delve on three factors that influence Boeing’s strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning. By analyzing and evaluating these aspects in Boeing’s management planning, the reader will better understand how it brought success into this company.

Factors that influence planning at Boeing are complicated because of internal and external factor that may involve legal and ethical issues as well as corporate social responsibilities. Boeing has a legal department to help with all phases of planning. With the growth of technology in aeronautics, Boeing's strategies are broken into research and technology, intellectual property management, and information technology. Research and technology helps to maintain Boeing's success by implementing new concepts and designs. Intellectual property management involves licensing standards that address requirements for the use of information technology that has been developed...


Management Planning Paper - Boeing
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November 15, 2008

Management Planning Paper - Boeing
This paper will discuss management business planning at Boeing. Boeing is an aerospace company, a prominent manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. Boeing also designs and manufactures rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communications systems. The Boeing Company’s business is conducted by its employees, managers and corporate officers led by the chief executive officer, with oversight from the Board of Directors. The Board’s Governance, Organization and Nominating Committee periodically review the Company’s corporate governance principles and current practices. (Boeing, 2008) Business planning at Boeing is influenced by internal and external factors that involve legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility. Factors such as economic conditions, laws and competition influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. Boeing has remained successful due to their strong ethics and planning abilities. (Innovative Thinker,2008)
Legal Issues
The planning process of the company may be complicated by legal issues, which can put the company in an awkward position. In June of 2006, Boeing was in court over a legal issue involving an investigation over the improper acquisition of proprietary documents from a rival, the Lockheed Martin Corporation, which Boeing employees used to try to gain government rocket launching business. The settlement also covered a second government investigation into Boeing's hiring of a former Air Force official who had overseen Boeing contracts while at the Pentagon. (Leslie, 2006) In the end, Boeing’s financial chief was sentenced to...

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In the overall, Boeing’s management planning is sound and understandable because it is a business that should adhere in its efficiency, productivity and cooperative partnerships. As it is operating in an extremely competitive industry, it should manage its assets well and maintain a high regard for technologies to be able to surpass other aviation companies. More than aspiring for financial gains, the Boeing Company should be able to create a veritable contingency plan when production is affected by unexpected factors.

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...Management Planning MGT/330 October 17, 2011 Planning Function of Management Boeing Corporation is a massive and complicated company, which requires management planning. Boeing is a leading maker of high-end aircraft for commercial, military, satellites, and missiles. These aircraft are necessary to carry cargo and passengers. Boeing is a global company that serves customers all over the world. There are strict regulations for companies such as Boeing due to the safety and performance concerns with air travel. Because of strict regulations Boeing has to conduct extensive planning so they can operate efficiently. For Boeing business planning is a very complicated process that is influenced by many internal and external factors. Boeing has remained successful over the years because of their strong ethics and planning abilities. Boeings planning function of management is the process of setting goals and objectives for the company to achieve over a set period of time. It is vital to the success of Boeing’s plans to include activities and tasks that upon completion will ensure they reach their goals. It is also necessary to take into account variables and unexpected occurrences that may hinder goals. For Boeing it is vital for each major department to use this method of planning. Boeing is still successfully efficient because they set goals in each major departments such as: sales, engineering, product testing, and all other departments. For every goal Boeing has a set...

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Boeing Corporation, known for its place in the aviation industry, also supplies smaller planes for shorter distances. In addition to the commercial industry, Boeing also has government contracts for military aircraft and special projects for NASA. Managements planning and coordination to keep all the different aspects of the company is a testament of their commitment to keeping their 155,000 employees working, and keep economic growth acceptable to shareholders. While Boeing is highly successful in its vision to continue being a world leader in aviation and aerospace industry they are not without the occasional legal and ethical problems.

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Overall planning is concerned with guiding the organization into the future, ensuring that the organization fully understands the business environment, the market forces as well as competitor activities that are likely to impact on the organization. For Boeing company, planning management has been practiced in terms of, strategic planning, project planning especially when the company has undertaken fleet expansion programs, program planning especially concerning marketing activities for new product or service launching as well as business planning for operational functions of the organization.

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Tactical planning for Boeing Company is concerned with the implementation of the different strategies, turning them into reality and therefore achieving the goals of the company. Boeing Company sets aside considerable amount of money in its budget to implement its programs that have become an ongoing process designed to deal with the ever-changing business environment. Therefore, to ensure that tactical planning happens, Boeing Company trains and develops its top management so as to ensure that the top management is at par with the requirements of the job and indeed all staff members are up to date and well prepared for the job.