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The concept of homeostasis Essay. When blood pressure in your arteries is abnormally low it is known as hypotension. Blood glucose regulation.

As we have seen throughout this reflective essay, blood pressure is a basic clinical skill that all nurses should master and understand. It is as important to know and understand all the procedures of a blood pressure test, as it is to interprete the results for any anomalies. As such, a good knowledge of the circulatory system is required. Practicing in a clean and safe environment as well as observing all the necessary hygienic procedures to ensure the elimination of any risk of infection is vital when delivering care. Likewise, having the knowledge and skills to perform a blood pressure test is vital, but nurses should never forget the basic of any therapeutic intervention by beginning with an introduction of a statement of confidentiality and make sure to gained informed consent before proceeding. As with any intervention, the focus must be the patient to ensure their well-being and comfort during the whole intervention. On another note, nurses should have an awareness of the environment and all the health and safety rules and regulation in place to ensure safe and good practice.

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How do the nervous system and local controls work together to regulate blood pressure and blood flow in different tissues? - Essay Example

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