1. Theconstruction of the Berlin Wall

 2. Thehistory of the Berlin Wall

Very quickly, the Berlin Wall was inundated with people from both sides. Some began chipping at the Berlin Wall with hammers and chisels. There was an impromptu and massive celebration along the Berlin Wall, with people hugging, kissing, singing, cheering, and crying.

Speaking at the opening of a new information centre about the Wall, Ms Merkel said it was easy to forget what had happened and it was important to remember it.

The fall of the Berlin Wall happened nearly as suddenly as its rise. There had been signs that the Communist bloc was weakening, but the East German Communist leaders insisted that East Germany just needed a moderate change rather than a drastic revolution. East German citizens did not agree.

3. The BerlinWalldestruction

For Bergin, "this symposium experience was a transition point" in his career; he noted that most significantly was overcoming his fear of being physically assaulted, beaten up for his beliefs. However, Bergin's paper was not without its consequences. Bergin received an overwhelming response to "Psychotherapy and Religious Values", both pro and con. Two renowned mental health professionals, Albert Ellis, of the Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy in New York, and Gary B. Walls, of Miami University, were invited to speak on a panel with Bergin and rebut his paper; their responses were subsequently published. Though Ellis and Walls disagreed with some of Bergin's categories and his theism, they did not attempt to deny the major points Bergin outlined, and they agreed there is a need to be more honest and objective in psychotherapy as to one's religious value system. Ellis and Walls did question the data that Bergin had collected from LDS students at BYU. At one point Ellis told the audience that BYU students will "just tell you what you want to hear", rather than give honest answers. Even other Mormons psychotherapists distanced themselves from Bergin and his work. One LDS professor complained to Bergin that what he was doing was "maverick-type stuff, and it's not going to have credibility. You are well enough known nationally that everyone will think all of the other Mormon professionals are like you. And I don't want to be labelled as [being] like you."

.Howand why the Berlin Wall was built

In the aftermath of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, Gay and Lesbian rights rhetoric finally reached BYU by the early 1970's, inducing many students to come out of the closet, despite fears of academic and ecclesiastical repercussions. In January 1975 BYU administrators sent its security officers to quash an alleged "homosexual ring" on campus. Security officers descended on the Harris Fine Arts Center and took all male drama and ballet students out of their classes to interrogate them in hallways and in front of other students, humiliating them publicly. BYU security also apparently sent undercover officers and volunteers to Gay bars in Salt Lake City to record the license plate numbers of cars with BYU parking stickers on them. Rev. Robert Waldrop reported that he had seen men recording license plate numbers outside gay bars on several occasions and upon approaching one of these men, the stranger refused to explain his activities, jumped into a car with a BYU parking sticker and left. Joe Redburn, the owner of the Sun, Salt Lake's most popular Gay bar, also had witnessed BYU security officers actually come into his bar quite regularly, trying to catch Gay students in compromising situations.

B. The construction of theBerlin Wall

. The history of the Berlin Wall

The old Berlin Wall, was a stark symbol of the human cost of the Cold War, a stark reminder of the political division of Europe, and a monument to the political failure of East Germany.

A. The Berlin Wall at the beginning

Liberals believe that universal reason is the necessary and sufficient basis for just and moral government. This means that the religious traditions of the nation, which had earlier been the basis for a public understanding of justice and right, can be replaced in public discourse by universal reason itself. In its current form, liberalism asserts that all governments should embrace a Jeffersonian “wall separating church and state,” whose purpose is to banish the influence of religion from public life, relegating it to the private sphere. Conservatives hold that none of this is true. They see human reason as producing a constant profusion of ever-changing views concerning justice and fact that is evident today in the constant assertion of new and rapidly multiplying human rights. Conservatives hold that the only stable basis for national independence, justice, and public morals is a strong biblical tradition in government and public life. They reject the doctrine of separation of church and state, instead advocating an integration of religion into public life that also offers broad toleration of diverse religious views.

The Berlin Wall was a Symbol, a Symbol of ..

As to Berlin wall. Yes it had an effect on me. I could finally travel abroad not because the road was set through the broken concrete :-) but because the Gorbachevs policy helped a little bit to change the world. I mentioned about it in my hub devoted to that year. As to beer. I am not a football fan, but my feeling of national patriotism was filled up to the rim by fact that we have good (at least cheap) bear :-) We should probably advise our government to use it as secret weapon against our enemies. Smth like: oh you do not like Ukraine? come on here and have that bottle of our secret remedy... Still do not like it?? ok, hey bartender double it please :-) lol Seriously I am glad that some hysteria in some massmedia describing Ukraine as a country of crime, whores and ultimate anarchy was not confirmed by those who came here.


You are certainly correct that the fall of the Berlin Wall was a symbolic fall of Communism as well as a meeting of the 2 worlds. Unfortunately Capitalism has not lived up to its uplifting of all boats billing. In addition it has helped destroy many lives due to the 2008 financial debacle. Capitalism is still the most advantageous system but it must be saved from its greed and excesses. Great Hub, Academicviews.

YEAR 12 HISTORY RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT By Ben Pike BERLIN WALL CRISIS-1961 The Berlin Wall Crisis in June 1961 was a key conflict ..

It has provided many people with better opportunities, although the wall has fallen, there is still animosity between east and west Germany. I remember when I completed high school and my degree in Germany, that there was separation between belief systems. Many would make stereotypical comments, as they still do here in the US towards other belief systems and/or races.