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An Inspector Calls is a parable on the responsibility of the individual toward one’s fellow beings, and it succeeds in spite of its heavy-handed sermonizing. Arthur Birling and his family are celebrating their daughter Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft. This will also merge two corporate competitors, resulting in higher profits. Priestley relies on the audience’s knowledge of recent events to color Birling’s optimism with irony as he extols the wonders of the Titanic, which is about to set sail into a world that will avoid war. These ironies also foreshadow the impending disaster about to strike the Birlings when Inspector Goole unexpectedly arrives. True to his name, the inspector resembles a ghoul as he glares at the family, relentlessly repeating his message that a young woman has killed herself by drinking disinfectant.

Sheila's role in the Birling household is warn her family not to keep the truth from the inspector. Sheila has learnt by An Inspector Calls By Jb Priestley.

... more commendable than being honest to others. In the play An Inspector Calls Sheila is able to be honest to herself, she declares to her fianc ... else has, because of what the Inspector said. Mrs Birling is shown to be very independent. When talking about the Inspector she states "He certainly didn't ...

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Another weakness of Sheila’s is that she is jealous of Eva/Daisy’s attractiveness because being jealous is something most people can admit to or we can all imagine being envious of someone, here Priestley is asking the audience to question their own actions more closely, would we have gone over the top and got Eva/Daisy sacked merely because she was in a bad mood caused by jealousy? Gerald Croft is the son of Sir George Croft of Croft’s Ltd, a competitor of Birling & Co. At the night that the Inspector calls, Gerald Croft was celebrating his engagement to Sheila Birling.

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Someone who will set rules for herself and upper-middle class, but still deny the same rights for “girls of that sort” as she refers to Eva Smith. This shows that Mrs Birling had a hypocritical view about society. Eric Birling is obviously a weak character; he has a weakness for alcohol. He is an alcoholic who became deceitful about it because he hides it from his parents. Priestley uses a character like Eric as he says that we should be more aware and care for people that are most vulnerable, like Eric with his addiction. His parents ignore the fact that their son has a problem. Like Gerald, Eric met Eva/Daisy in The Palace bar.

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Essay Writing Guide. Inspector Calls Sheila Birling character review. Inspector Calls Sheila Birling The character Sheila Birling is the daughter of Author.

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Mrs Birling is one of the principle characters in An inspector calls Page 2 Mrs Birling Essay. here Mrs Birling is surprised to hear Sheila use such words.

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Well basically I am writing an essay and I am directing a play "An Inspector Calls". And, I have to explain to an actress how I think Sheila's part should be played. Is there anyone who can give me guidence on how to direct her in the part?

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Arthur Birling and Sheila Birling in An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley I have chosen to write my essay about Mr. Arthur Birling and Mrs. Sheila Birling.

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After watching this movie adaptation of An Inspector Calls, I felt that this remake turned into a great success. At first the characters weren't what I expected, most of them seemed quite simple and bland and thought that the actors weren't suited to to their roles. But as the film progressed my attitude towards the characters changes, Eric and Sheila aren't the spoiled brats I thought they were- they actually care about the death of this young woman. Gerald, I realized has more emotional depth Han I gave him credit for, but Mr and Mrs Birling we're exactly what I thought they'd be like and their attitudes towards Eva didn't really change. As for the Inspector I thought that David Thewlis did a great job being the Inspector and his character was also amazing but what I didn't like about the Inspector was that towards the end of the film, he starts time traveling (Priestly hinted that the Inspector was supernatural) but I started getting very confused and became unsure of if he was there before she died and it was a flash back or he is the reason she is dead... I have no idea. But overall this was an amazing movie and I really enjoyed it.