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Of course, some employees may bridle at what they see as micromanagement of their personal affairs.

Organizations with extensive volunteer commitments often have volunteer managers to coordinate these efforts. "The Administrator of Volunteer esources is directly responsible for implementing screening and placement policies which protect the clients, organization and volunteers themselves from risk. A critical function of volunteer management is to ensure that the vulnerabilities of both clients and volunteers are considered, and that every conceivable, reasonable action is taken to prevent either party from coming to harm, prior to matching. Ongoing training, supervision and support of volunteers, as well as regular communication with clients/caregivers, are key components of managing risks" (Merrill 2000). Volunteer managers are often H professionals with experience at non-profits and civic-driven organizations. They are given the specific responsibility of creating efforts to improve employee involvement in volunteer efforts, creating networks between the organization and the community,……

In my essay I try to explain one of the ways I volunteer by working with a local group to serve the homeless population. I also try to emphasize how volunteerism has shaped who I am and the example set by my parents and family has made it something that I will always have a desire to do.

In addition, the n natural disasters of Hurricane Katrina the tsunami victims of India, Thailand and bordering nations of the Indian Oceans have brought out a level of philanthropy and service unseen since the last century in Americans. All these tragedies are so unfortunate and full of so much suffering that they cause many to stop and think about what in their lives is most important. As a result, many see a life of service as how they want their legacies to be written. The many statistics captured by the Corporation for National and Community Service as cited in their document referenced below provide ample proof that volunteerism is alive and growing, and that Americans see their role as enablers of a better life for those affected around the world.


Corporation for National and Community Service. Volunteer Growth in America: A eview of Trends Since 1974. December 2006. Accessed……

Kathia Valdez's volunteer experience as a youth softball coach. The valuable lessons and skills learned from this volunteer opportunity.

One of the most important areas where volunteer work is needed is working with children. We have a responsibility to the youth of this country to make sure they grow up right. Sometimes parents cannot provide the guidance and leadership their children need. As a result, a void comes between the parent and the child. We must fill that void.

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The term “volunteer experience” is often confused with the concept of “public work,” which refer to any useful activities for the benefit of society. Volunteerism is aimed primarily at helping needy segments of the population, who cannot help themselves (age, homelessness, disability, natural disasters, and social upheavals).

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In the essay that I wrote I described how I volunteered, how it made me feel and lastly how it will help me in the long run.

Building a volunteer program before such a disaster takes place, so volunteers can be trained under calmer conditions is the ideal situation. It is essential to inform the potential volunteers of the challenging situations they will face, and to provide them with accurate job descriptions of the sorts of duties they must perform. Organizations often must 'advertise' for volunteers similar to the way that employers advertise for paid jobs, and recruiting young, idealistic workers seeking job experience or who desire to put their convictions into actions are ideal candidates, as are retired persons seeking to retain a sense of connection to their communities. Volunteers will be increasingly necessary to relief efforts in the future, in an era of tight government budgets, but training the right people effectively for the work they will perform as well amassing large numbers of volunteers is critical to assembling an effective volunteer force.

orks Cited……

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Volunteer activities

Volunteers are considered to be compassionate, patience, unselfish caring and just plain love which are expressed by an individual to another. Voluntarism is considered to be in kind donation in that it is where a person donates his skills and manpower to the organization by performing duties a signed to him. Management and leadership of nonprofit organizations should ensure that they get highly skilled volunteers who come and stay through the extension of the visions of the volunteering through creating an experience which is meaningful, develops skills, demonstrate impact and ability to tap into the volunteers' capabilities and interest.

Volunteers my stop rendering their services due to poor management practices. Nonprofit organizations should tap volunteers to help in doing charitable work in their organization. Most people do not volunteer because they are never given a chance by the nonprofit organizations.

According to the Context for Nonprofit esource Development……

National Driving and Traffic School is proud to sponsor the 2016 "Youth Forward" scholarship. Interested teens should submit an essay on their volunteer activities.

A significant increase in volunteerism is observed within the communities which implement social studies in high schools. The main elements which contribute to this outcome are those of community service programs integrated within the educational act and socialization. "The implications of our study are that mandatory community service programs can boost later volunteer efforts but that socialization into appropriate citizenship attitudes is of equal, if not greater, importance" (Janoski, Musick and Wilson, 1995).

Social research is conducted by a variety of parties within the community, from academicians to economic agents. Yet, a major category of researchers is represented by the federal institution. Within the United States, the public social researches are conducted by the Government Social esearch Service. The institution bases its findings on the evolutions within the contemporaneous society and it makes its findings public to the audience in order to support social development. In a nutshell, the functional……

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7% of respondents had previously taken a vacation with a volunteer or philanthropic component" (Ruiz 2007). People also go on vacation to experience what it is like to live and work on a farm, to be a meditating Buddhist monk or simply to engage in strenuous activities like riding horses on a ranch. For the visitor, because these unfamiliar activities are exotic, they are attractions, but for a resident they are merely work.

However, although 'voluntourism' has brought attention and revenue to many formerly hidden areas of the globe, there is also a great deal of criticism of this phenomenon. An individual's socioeconomic condition, the argument against voluntourism goes, should not be a tourist or visitor attraction. The idea of gawking at a poor area of the world, in return for a short period of 'feel good' volunteerism is deemed to be exploitative.

Regardless of one's feelings about 'voluntourism,' however,……