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There are many more arguments that could be made for , but we believe that the advantages of using social networking sites far outweigh the disadvantages for any business owner (as long as you know what you are doing). The biggest benefit is that you will attract more business, keep more clients, and ultimately make more money!

Though, there are many opinion regarding the topic, this article would like to limit on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking in english language learning. The social networking sites focus heavily on building online communities bound together with common interests or activities. Thereby provide them with tools that help them to do so. In the field of education social networking sites encourage students to engage with each other and to express and share their creativity. Social media is also one good way for students to gain knowledge which can be from outside their classroom activities. So many social media they can share and discuss many things related to their need of particular knowledge with others practically. With Social networking can create a better English communicative environment for students, they do not have to go to the country where the mother tongue of English is, they just connect to the internet and interact with people from English speaking countries. And they do not need to meet physically, and it also improving the efficiency of class teaching. English teaching can make the lessons more effective and efficient. Many social networking sites offers the users many applications that make them easy to get any benefit including in english language learning.

It seems that more and more businesses are turning to social media for advertising and customer relations these days, but how can a company foresee these social networking sites advantages and disadvantages. Here at BBSM we have spent years marketing in the social networking arena and have compiled quite a list of the social networking sites advantages and disadvantages.

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by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD. Drawn from a collection of 10th grade essays, this article explores the disadvantages of social networking.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Social balancing-advantages-disadvantages-student-social ways that students use social.
Read this full essay on Advantages and Disadvantages other disadvantages opponents of social networking This could have dire consequences if students.
Essay advantages and disadvantages of social networking for Essay advantages and disadvantages of social of social networking for students.
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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Networking Essay In the field of education social networking sites encourage students to engage with each other .
Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites for Students Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking.
Jun 3, 2016 What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networks? How social This essay has been submitted by a student.
Index Terms— Abu Dhabi, social networking sites, negative disadvantages and negatives of using social networking sites affecting the users of these sites.
Social Networks: Advantages and Disadvantages. i dont get it why a disadvantage is that teens would not hang out and instead use social networking.
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Advantages Of Social Media Essay. Published: I have found that it is not just brings advantages but also disadvantages. Advantages of Social Networking Websites.


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The most important feature of the social networking site is the ability to give and receive feedbacks. If this feature was not there, the world of social networking would not what it is today. Any content that you post instantly starts receiving comments, likes, reviews, opinions, and additional information on that topic . By doing this, it can create discussions, sharing ideas and other communicative skills which use english as the language in the discussion. Social networking can encourage students to upload images or videos related to the courses. Some teachers even ask their students to upload their essays and assignments on the net, analyse the feedback, and write a better one for the final class essay. It is very good activity and the process or learning and teaching will run smoothly without any barriers of place and time. Beside advantages of social networking in education, there are also some advantages of social networking in language learning. Many researchers has conducted research on this matter and many of them conclude that social networking can be subjected to crime especially to the youth or students.

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Social networking sites, “can be a potential risk for teachers as some applications allows users to communicate” and “the content can lead to discrediting or slanderous messages”. It can be happens to the teacher when they are not so aware with the threat of social networking to them. The teacher need to concern and sometimes the teacher are not so well understand about the use of social media and its advantages in the teaching and learning. And the teacher should be good in selecting the content materials if not the learning process will be just useless. Social networking can also be subjected to an on line bullying. It may happens when a students make or post bad things, and he does not realize that it can be used by other friends at school to embarrasse him. Of course it will create bullying among the students. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using social networking in education including in English language learning. It can encourage students to engage with each other and to express and share their creativity and can create a better English communicative environment for students. Oh the other hand, social networking is lack of humanitarian aspects and create confusing language because using slank words or abbreviation which are not found in English dictionary.