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Twelve angry men is a moral tale, it begs us as an audience to see the dilemma when a man’s life is at stake and the decision makers are ordinary men, with their personal values, morals , assumptions and baggage. The burden of proof is the most difficult in law it is beyond a reasonable doubt, and Juror #8 who through reason and logic, who sees through the fallacies and falsehoods created by those in the room, who sows the seeds of doubt through the analysis and synthesis of the evidence provided, leads the group to a single conclusion. We as an audience are also left with the narrative as was unfolded, and it is down to us whether we believe that the truth was uncovered or whether it was just a matter of objective persuasion and therefore whether the ends justify the means.

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Reasonable Doubt Theme in Twelve Angry Men

12 Angry Men: Sample essays (justicejurors) The flaws in the judicial system owing to the 12 angry men A sampleplan essay on Twelve Angry Men; Tweet. Get an answer for 'In Twelve Angry Men, how is prejudice shown to interfere in the course of justice? ' and find homework help for other Twelve Angry Men questions at.

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...CASE STUDY: 12 ANGRY MEN In the grand jury room, the jury takes a vote. Eleven jurors vote guilty, and one juror, juror eight renders a not guilty vote. Jurors three, seven, and twelve criticize him, but juror eight says that he does not know whether the man is guilty or not but that it is not easy for him to send a boy to his death without discussing it first. After some argument, they agree to discuss the facts of the case. Juror three reviews what they know. An old man who lives underneath the room where the murder took place heard loud noises just after midnight. He heard the son yell at the father that he was going to kill him. Then he heard a body falling and moments later, saw the boy running out of the house. Juror four says the boy's story is flimsy. He said that he was at the movies at the time of the murder, but no one remembers seeing him there. Also, a woman living opposite looked out of her window and saw the murder through the windows of a passing elevated train. During the trial, it was verified that this was possible. Further facts emerge: the father regularly beat his son, and the son had been arrested for car theft, mugging, and knife fighting. He had been sent to reform school for knifing someone. Juror Eight states that too many questions were not asked during the trial. He asks for the murder weapon to be......

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This essay discusses the themes in 12 Angry Men.. Read the essay free on Booksie.

Democracy and the right to serve as a juror is a great privilege and responsibility which is not to taken lightly as seen in 12 angry men. How does Rose use the play to reflect these themes?

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...12 Angry Men Question # 2. Number 8 in my opinion had the most power thought the film. Even from the very beginning when it looked like everyone was against him he still stood against them. That alone took a lot of power because the easy thing to do would have been just agreeing with everyone else and sending the kid to his death. Number 8 did not and since he had that strength and power to stand up against the rest he was able to save a kid from the death sentence. 4. The only form of coercion used in this movie was when Number 8 used his words to send number 3 into a rage. This made number 3 say “I am going to kill you”, which he did not really mean. This undermined his argument that everyone who says I am going to kill you actually means it. Number 3 also bet 5000 dollars that the facts where being twisted around. This could have been used as a reward power to get others to see it his way, even though he said it in a non-serious manner. 5. I believe that the bargaining was both tacit and explicit. The bargaining was explicit between number 8 and number 3. They would constantly be back and forth with yelling and all kinds of screaming, mostly from number 3, trying to get the other one to believe there point. There was tacit bargaining between number 8 and number 9. Number 8 didn’t have to scream or yell at number ( to get him to believe him. There just seemed to be a hidden agreement that there was reasonable doubt and they should talk...

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Rose uses the “drab” setting to show how the judicial system appears to be devalued in America in the 1950s in contrast to the interesting view of the Woolworth building that beckons beyond. Also the lack of insulation predisposes a hasty decision; that it is the ‘hottest day on record” symbolically reflects the dramatic tension and the interaction between the 12 angry men.

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In the film Twelve Angry Men, I believe justice was served. Without juror number eight, however, the outcome most assuredly would have been different. The subtle.

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Twelve Angry Men Suggests That Justice and Truth on Twelve Angry Men Suggests That Justice and Reginald Roses play 12 Angry Men explores the inherent. Everything you ever wanted to know about the theme of Justice and Judgment in 12 Angry Men.